The Begining

| Taking one more step to inner peace | 

DAY 1 MADRID The bags are filled to breaking point. My appartment is soon going to get a new tenant for a month. I´m ready. Ready to explore. With the intention of seeing what the journey will bring. Being open. For new meetings, new culture, new smells, new sceneries, testing working online and who knows what else in my inner world.

Butterflies in my stomach. When today is over – a celebration of the NewYear will occour in Madrid and the 2 of january the plane will take me to Ibiza where I will stay for a whole month. All of this together with my travel partner Anne-Lee.

I´m so happy you found this page and hope you will find it interesting. You are more than welcome to follow and to give me questions (in swedish and english).

After a small detour and a taxidrive we finally landed in the center of Madrid.

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