First day on 2020

| Walking the streets and park Retiro of Madrid |

DAY 3 MADRID Dance, music, laughter, suprices, presents, being taken cared of, been given a little special treatment, great tapas, talks about Colombia and the education system valued differently than in Sweden. Lovely evening with great ingredients. What a start!

The energy was a bit drained from a few hours of sleep, but strangely enough energetic and happy of yesterdays dancing. We took on the jogging shoes, ordered a Hulkvitamin boost, a sandwich and took a second walk in the park with an afternoon Espresso Martini. If you havn`t tasted it – DO! When the hunger got heard, we noticed that finding a restaurant that was open – isn`t easy – finally we got ourself some sushi @Sumo.

Early night. Tomorrow the plane leavs for Ibiza! A bit nervous cause to my expectations. I have been looking forward to this for a while, ever since our AirBNB on a sailboat in June 2017. Even if it´s low season, I have something I need to find out. I don´t know for sure yet what. We will see…