The First Busride 🚌

2020-01-03|After a few hours of working, making a healthgame for Socialstyrelsen it was time to take a tour somewhere. At the bus station we asked a lady where to go. She had a few suggestions and we took the bus timewise, closesed. 

Bus nr L13 to Santa Eulária.

14 degrees, a peek of sun and warmth showed up on the strole through the small town to the beach promenade. Looking at the huge hotels with all the curtains drawn, quiet, dark…all closed. A bit spookey and very strange seeing them all. A thought of making a nonseason travel agency poped in my head- and out again.

So far very nice fresh food, always fish and vegetable dishes to choose from.  

Gracie, Prego. I mix the language of Italian, French, English and Spanish when I do the orders. Not even of a fifth grade level… A bit embarrassing but so what. You have to start someplace right?