Xtractor in Ibiza

2020-01-08 |Last day to finish a delivery for Xtractor – my dear coworking company. I have to say I feel so lucky, being able to work for sometime like this during the year. Maybe not always, cause I like working together with different collegues at home too. But having some sun and light in this dark period in Sweden makes me definetly more creative and a happy human to work with. (I hope ). Again while sitting and working at the restaurant we met some nice people and talkad about what to see and do. It is easy to ask questions and be curious when you have decided to dare to talk to people.

Again… I have to say…

…working with creativity, usefullness, health and graphic design, in a freedom of choice. Wow. Toppclass.

And for tomorrow, I will have some thoughts of what to leave behind in 2019 and what new to invite in 2020. Don´t feel that is all made clear for me yet. Looking forward to it.

If you have anything you wish me to investigate while I´m here? Please tell me!

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