Follow me on my journey in Ibiza. I was here two year ago and really enjoyed being around this island. Now I´m back for over a month

to see if I´d like to come back during different months or weeks to live and work distance to get som light, happiness and refill.

2020-02-15 ”Enjoyed the moments”

Instead of living in the history of each day for you, I decided to live more present in my days and weeks that was left on the island. I will see if I can gather the material and the sences after it all happened. In this world we are more used to the Just-in-a stories, but I will do this because I have promised myself to do it, and hoppfully I have someone who finds this interesting. Be patient.

2020-01-19 ”Earth, wind and 🔥 ”

DAY 21|The rain reached Ibiza too… So we decided to take a car tour around the Island. Here is a short review of the day from the north of the Island. Sant Joan de Labritja Market on Sundays, Sant Michel and Portinatx. I really love this new side of Ibiza – the power of weather, the green forest, charming houses, the waves, walks on the mountains – the unexpected restaurants you would never find if you planned to go – only by accident.

Also had a little check on ”Idealista” for rents of houses and appartments after some Netflix (even here) looking. Finaly fell into a beautysleep.

2020-01-14 ”The silent beach”

DAY 16 | Probably our last busride. Soon we are going to rent a car to get to the remote places on the Island. But we found by accident Caja Bassa Beach. A very different beach than in June 2018. Forgot my swimsuite… (13 degrees – but I WILL – one day). 27 777 steps in total today.

2020-01-13 ”A wonderful story”

DAY 15 | Saskia, has lived on the Island for two years. A spackling girl from England. Before she came here she had been traveling the world for about eight years and suddenly she was ”with house” after a year on the Island. A 70 year old man who owned this beautiful dreamplace needed a new owner and he understood she had the right attityde, feeling, idea and knowledge to be the new master of an eightbedroom house, a pool and god knows how much acres of land.

You can read more about ”Casa del Karma” She is really not opening until May 2020 but we got a sneak peek!

She picked us up in Ibiza town and we had time to talk about her mind-blowing story, why she was there and her way forward. 20 minutes up north before Sant Miquel she turned, stoppet and looked at the stukning view of Sant Miquel, the ocean and the green hills all around – WoW!

After the turn we passed Ibizas oldest tree. They don´t know how old it is but 2-300 years old at least.


Of course this was a thrilling place to meditate, which Satska has done several times to get rid of anger, axiety and more. As you can see a healty and symmetrical tree. It took three armlengths to get around the trunk, (i believe it´s called).

A magnificant road to the house with stunning surroundings of nature. Who knows, maybe this can be a place to visit further more.

Sant Miquel is a small town in the north, coastal village, with mostly locals living. In wintertime Saska told us there is not to many tourists. And it´s definetly helpfull if you know the language. 17,5 km från Ibiza town.

TIP! Sunset drumming on Benirrás Beach on Sundays

2020-01-12 ”Cacaoceremony”

DAY 14 | A few days ago I looked up Facebook what event we could find on the Island to meet some new people. One event I found was a Cacaoceremony on the beach. So we both thought this could be interesting.

Maybe you also think or thought this was a party Island as I did two years ago. I can tell you that it´s just a small part in the south, it has so much more to offer.

The south of the Island has a lot of vibration and activity and the North is a much more tranquile and spiritual part. All the Island has fantastic landscapes with red ironrich earth and wonderful walks of all kind, will come back with more knowledge after another event called ”WalkingIbiza”.

This is an island that are working alot with sustainability and a lot of spiritual driven people. To understand and get a closer feeling of the Island and some of the culture we choose to check this out with an open mind. 

Bags packed with warm clothes, water and something to sit on. Clear blue sky. Buss to Nassau Beach at Playa Del Bossa. nr 14, plattform 16 at 10:00. 10 minute ride. At the most.

What is a cacaoceremony? Well, I guess every event is different but has the ingredient of drinking Cacao. In this ceremony, we focused on our intentitorna for the comming year, meditation, danced while listening to drums and music.

  • Raw Organic Cacao has over 40 times the antioxidants of blueberries.
  • Highest Plant-Based Source of Iron.
  • Full of Magnesium for a Healthy Heart & Brain.
  • More Calcium Than Cow’s Milk.
  • A Natural Mood Elevator and Anti-Depressant.

A gathering of 8 people from different countries 🇸🇪🇬🇧🇱🇺🇩🇰🇫🇷🇪🇸 came together. First a half Swede/Londoner. She worked with sustainability and was looking for a parttime Ibiza parttime London living/working. One from Holland with her kid, wanted to be a part of a community, not being to much self efficientm, longed for charing and caring. Three others had lived there around 1-3 years, and really enjoyed it.

After the ceremoni everyone took eachothers phone number, and we also booked time to see one of the girls the day after. She had a great story about how she had gotten a house, and a rare opportunity, to rent with 8 beds and up on the north side. She was working with body posture. How we need to adjust our bodies to work properly again.

More tomorrow. Some more lovely pics from our day👇🏼. Warm weather when the sun was out – around 23 degrees, and light until 18:00.

PS It looks like the water is warm. I believe it´s about 15 degrees. I WILL DO IT! Not today but I will. 🥶

2020-01 ”Full moon”

DAY 11 | Reflectionday as always – especially this rainy day. I just have to accept this. It´s a part of me. And my body and brain is going to be with me for a long time I hope, so I have to be friend with them both. I want to share an ”Opening up” and ”Hitting myself down” experience. For some of you this is old news and for others this might give some new light to the subject. 

When you start opening up to someone about a challenge you have, a really personal challenge or a behavior you want to look closer at, maybe even adjust or change it. You are vurnerable. You are a scared little child inside. Scared to ge regected, scared to hear a truth, scared of how it will all sound when it comes out of your mouth. 

Being the reciever of this opening soul… Is very easy to give advice (I do it ALL the time🙈), from your own experience and perspective, cause that is all you know. How else can you have this conversation? Suggestions?

The feedback can easily become a truth making it a heavy stone inside for a long time. Let´s see if we can find some helping set of questions for it to just last a few hours.

I try to understand myself in all this. How do I get out of the uncomfortable feeling from the feedback? How do I learn?  How do I not make this the whole truth and nothing but the truth? I ask myself some questions:What did this person really say of what you heard?

🌝 What was really true – for you – what the other one said?

🌝 What experience does the other one have with this challenge with you? 

🌝 What did you say to make the other person understand the challenge? Where you clear. The person probably filled in the blancs you didn´t say.

🌝 Have you heard this from others? Or do you recognize simular situations?

🌝 Can it be a combination of things happening with this person that triggers the challenge?

So, the conclusion after answering all those questions. 

✅ You can react like this and that is great to know. Feelings are good! You need them. You do it because of certaine chain happenings (notice them). And make a last decision – Do you want to change, adjust and be conscious about it to make a new choice next time it happens?

A new day, a new thought, a new beginning – every day. YOU are great! ❤️

2020-01-08 ”Xtractor in Ibiza”

DAY 10 |Last day to finish a delivery for Xtractor – my dear coworking company. I have to say I feel so lucky, being able to work for sometime like this during the year. Maybe not always, cause I like working together with different collegues at home too. But having some sun and light in this dark period in Sweden makes me definetly more creative and a happy human to work with. (I hope 😄). Again while sitting and working at the restaurant we met some nice people and talkad about what to see and do. It is easy to ask questions and be curious when you have decided to dare to talk to people.

Again… I have to say…

…working with creativity, usefullness, health and graphic design, in a freedom of choice. Wow. Toppclass.

And for tomorrow, I will have some thoughts of what to leave behind in 2019 and what new to invite in 2020. Don´t feel that is all made clear for me yet. Looking forward to it.

If you have anything you wish me to investigate while I´m here? Please tell me!

2020-01-06/07 ”Work´n Sun”

DAY 9 & 8| Started both days with working a few hours. On the second day, Anne-Lee called me and told me the weather and the best cappuccino was found just outside our doorstep, on a flotating bridge. And Yes… it was fantastic. A few phonecalls and some more work in the sun, and then just breath. Anne-Lee is a great teacher in living in the now and enjoying the exact moment. I believe it was around 20 degrees in the sun today. Much warmer than yesterday. Mostly sun and work today. Started painting an elephant yesterday… not finishen yet.

2020-01-05 ”Learn to notice the signs”

DAY 7|Another day at a hippiemarket was planned. But luckily I had set my mind on living in the moment and not plan to much.. (really difficult). This time there was constantly reoccuring hardship of happenings – hindering us from taking the bus there. Look at the signs. – Maybe we should not travel to the hippiemarket today? No hippiemarket today!

A beautiful painting by the bus

So we changed. Sant Antonio was the place today. Met a british lady on the busstop and talkad about her life living here for 25 years. How much she loved Ibiza, but had to move when the children was around 10 and 14 years old and get more suitable schools in Mallorca. After 20 years in Mallorca, she still misses Ibiza.

The culture, everybody talks and enjoy eachothers company no matter what status/money/jobb/religion/nationality you have. 

Recommendation of living, I asked. – Santa Eularia. The gouvernment has kept the town small and family friendly. We continues talking, I had lots of questions and she gladly answered. Here are some notes:

  • Hard to find places to rent.
  • Expensive to buy.
  • Rocky government as the rest of the worl.
  • Hard to find jobs. She wondered what kind of jobs I could think of doing if i wanted a job. Told her about conferens/programme, a place to reconnect, work, sustainability thinking… Look for agricotourism. 

Found an EXCLUSIVE and fantastic place – will look it up and get there I hope.

In Sant Antonio, we ran into a market, live music, food, a beer and a chat with some more people. Went on a walk on the shoreline and enjoyed the sunset.

This was my first visit with Anna my childhood friend living in Madrid at the moment, and our first day on the sailquest in summer 2017. Back in Eivissa (Ibiza) and looked at the carneval of the kings.

FOUND A TEXT ABOUT 5 of JANUARY: Every year, on 5 January, Spain’s towns and villages welcome the traditional and joyful visit of three Kings from the East. They are Melchor, Gaspar, and Baltasar, better known as the Magi, who traditionally bring children excitement and gifts on Epiphany. Come to Spain with your children to discover together the traditions and new ways of to celebrate, made to entertain all ages during the festive season.

2020-01-04 ”Merry-Go-Round”

DAY 6 | The head is spinning. ”Is this it, what is this? What more can I do to make a decision. What can I expect, what should I discover? I havn´t met as many new people that I wanted, I havn´t rented a bike yet” bla bla bla… my godness. Stop spinning. 

The ego wants t know the next step, yes or no. To be able just to let go, and see what happens – is hard work. First of all be aware that it even happens, and know what to do.

I notice the Merry-Go-Round and made a choice to try and quiet it down a bit. I need quiet – I need silence. Outside and inside. Meditation is one way. Go into the forrest by myself, be only me for a while, is another. Today i choose meditation for a few minutes. Can recomend Insight Timer app. 

Relax, enjoy dear me. You have been here two days only. Relax.

Adventure today – Hippie Market LAS DALIAS bus L13 and L16 to Sant Carles.

2020-01-03 ”The first bus ride”

DAY 5|After a few hours of working, making a healthgame for Socialstyrelsen it was time to take a tour somewhere. At the bus station we asked a lady where to go. She had a few suggestions and we took the bus timewise, closesed. 

Bus nr L13 to Santa Eulária.

14 degrees, a peek of sun and warmth showed up on the strole through the small town to the beach promenade. Looking at the huge hotels with all the curtains drawn, quiet, dark…all closed. A bit spookey and very strange seeing them all. A thought of making a nonseason travel agency poped in my head- and out again.

So far very nice fresh food, always fish and vegetable dishes to choose from.  

Gracie, Prego. I mix the language of Italian, French, English and Spanish when I do the orders. Not even of a fifth grade level… A bit embarrassing but so what. You have to start someplace right?

2020-01-02 ”Hard work with expectations…”

DAY 4 | Started the journey to Ibiza from Madrid at 10:30.

Landed in Ibiza at 14:00. Met up with our concierge who guided us up to the appartment through the white and turkoise paradise (Se movie). I can imagine the difference of puls from the welcome committee in summertime than the silence and tranquility that surrounded us this afternoon. But I liked it. The cLosed blinds was a bit sad… made it feel like a hospital :). Needed to change this feeling.

Expectations and expectations… Sometimes feelings are hard to control. They just bubble up and you feel cheated. When looking at pictures in AirBnB the appartment looks SUUUUPER bright with a great balcony, and a big large terrasse with an overview over the sea for everyone. Well, this was not the case, it was on the first floor. The terrace was closed for the winter, and this was not mentioned before renting. Of course the landlord had everything right on their side, but still, we feelt cheated. PLUS it was really cold in the appartment (at the time).

Always remember to ask if there is heating in Ibiza when you visit offseason – AND CHECK ALL YOUR PRIORITIES IN THE LEASE.

Lot´s of energy and sadness was wasted.

Talking with our concierge Elionora – she scared me A L O T ! I mean, the planning of this offseason trip.. checking if there was busses to transport around the island, bikes to rent, possibility to shop food, if there was people left on the island, where they where, where it was empty, any open restaurants, temperature… well, there was some questions I needed to find out before takeoff.


HJÄLP!!! This is not a great beginning…. What have I done?!! And I have also dragged Anne-Lee with me on the trip. Pew! My body did not feel to happy, even if my mind tried to convince me otherwise.

To change the mood we grabbed our joggingshoes, jacket (cold wheather), and went to Ibiza town, as we learned was called Eivissa at Ibiza.

Ok – 1-0 to my mind. There was people in town, eating in open restaurants. I could relax on this subject. The place of living showed to be right. First we had concidered living in Caja Talida – wonderful summerplace with a beautiful restaurant called The Cotton Club. But this place was closed in the winter, therefore we changed our mind in the last minute. To change the mood we grabbed our joggingshoes, jacket (cold wheather), and went to Ibiza town, as we learned was called Eivissa at Ibiza.

2020-01-01 ”The blanc page”

DAY 3|Dance, music, laughter, suprices, presents, being taken cared of, been given a little special treatment, great tapas, talks about Colombia and the education system valued differently than in Sweden. Lovely evening with great ingredients.

The energy was a bit drained from a few hours of sleep, but strangely enough energetic and happy of yesterdays dancing. We took on the jogging shoes, ordered a Hulkvitamin boost, a sandwich and took a second walk in the park.

Early night. Tomorrow the plane leavs for Ibiza! A bit nervous. Been looking forward to this for a while. Even if it´s low season, I have something I need to find out. I don´t know for sure yet what. We will see…


2019-12-31”The beginning of the end”

DAY 2|Madrid. What a town! After a third visit here, I´m liking it more and more. Sorry this time for talking Swedish in this video. I forgot. Still learning. Always learning. Not to many reflecting thoughts in Madrid, so much to do – such a bad internet. Look at the video and get a glimpse of this day. Happy New Year! 🥳

2019-12-30 “The beginning”

DAY 1| The bags are filled to breaking point. My appartment is soon going to get a new tenant for a month. I´m ready. Ready to explore. With the intention of seeing what the journey will bring. Being open. For new meetings, new culture, new smells, new sceneries, testing working online and who knows what else.

Butterflies in my stomach. When the day is over today – I will celebrate NewYear in Madrid and the 2 of january I will travel to Ibiza and stay for a month. With my travel partner Anne-Lee.

I´m so happy you found this page and hope you will find it interesting. You are more than welcome to follow and to give me questions (in swedish and english) during the journey.

The year of the rat 2020

Found this graffitti painting and found out that according to the Chinese horoscope, Metal Rat is the animal for 2020. The Lunar New Year starts on Saturday, January 25th and ends on February 11th, 2021. The Rat is the first sign from the 12 animals cycle of the Chinese Astrology, and for this reason, 2020 is considered a year of new beginnings and renewals.

The Metal Rat Year is going to be a strong, prosperous, and lucky year for almost all chinese zodiac signs. Everyone will show determination regarding their goals, aspirations, and even their hobbies. This is a great year for founding and evolving.

Found @