Offseason is my middle name

| Äventyr mot Gotland |🏁 Mina händer har börjat flagna och ögonlocken är tunga. Under fyra dagar har städning varit högsta prioritet. Här gäller det att förbereda sig. Man vet ju aldrig om jag bestämmer mig för att stanna på Gotland ett tag och då isåfall kommer jag vilja hyra ut lägenheten i Nacka och […]

Enjoy the moments

2020-02-15 | Instead of living in the history of each day for you, I decided to live more present in my days and weeks that was left on the island. I will see if I can gather the material and the sences after it all happened. In this world we are more used to the […]

Earth, wind and 🔥

2020-01-19 | The rain reached Ibiza too… So we decided to take a car tour around the Island. Here is a short review of the day from the north of the Island. Sant Joan de Labritja Market on Sundays, Sant Michel and Portinatx. I really love this new side of Ibiza – the power of […]

The Silent Beach 🏝

2020-02-14 | Probably our last busride. Soon we are going to rent a car to get to the remote places on the Island. But we found by accident Caja Bassa Beach. A very different beach than in June 2018. Forgot my swimsuite… (13 degrees – but I WILL – one day). 27 777 steps in […]

A Wonderful Story

THE OLD TREE Saskia, has lived on the Island for two years. A spackling girl from England. Before she came here she had been traveling the world for about eight years and suddenly she was ”with house” after a year on the Island. A 70 year old man who owned this beautiful dreamplace needed a […]

Cacaoceremoni 🍫

2020-01-12| A few days ago I looked up Facebook what event we could find on the Island to meet some new people. One event I found was a Cacaoceremony on the beach. So we both thought this could be interesting. Maybe you also think or thought this was a party Island as I did two […]


2020-01- | Reflectionday as always – especially this rainy day. I just have to accept this. It´s a part of me. And my body and brain is going to be with me for a long time I hope, so I have to be friend with them both. I want to share an ”Opening up” and […]

Xtractor in Ibiza

2020-01-08 |Last day to finish a delivery for Xtractor – my dear coworking company. I have to say I feel so lucky, being able to work for sometime like this during the year. Maybe not always, cause I like working together with different collegues at home too. But having some sun and light in this […]

Workin´n the sun

2020-01-06/07| Started both days with working a few hours. On the second day, Anne-Lee called me and told me the weather and the best cappuccino was found just outside our doorstep, on a flotating bridge. And Yes… it was fantastic. A few phonecalls and some more work in the sun, and then just breath. Anne-Lee […]

Learn To Notice The Signs 🚸

2020-01-05 ”LEARN TO NOTICE THE SIGNS” 2020-01-05|Another day at a hippiemarket was planned. But luckily I had set my mind on living in the moment and not plan to much.. (really difficult). This time there was constantly reoccuring hardship of happenings – hindering us from taking the bus there. Look at the signs. – Maybe […]