Hard Work with Expectations 🏰

| Ibiza here we come | DAY 4 | Started the journey to Ibiza from Madrid at 10:30. https://youtu.be/8GUwqgYxd8Y Landed in Ibiza at 14:00. Met up with our concierge who guided us up to the appartment through the white and turkoise paradise (Se movie). I can imagine the difference of puls from the welcome committee […]

First day on 2020

| Walking the streets and park Retiro of Madrid | DAY 3 MADRID Dance, music, laughter, suprices, presents, being taken cared of, been given a little special treatment, great tapas, talks about Colombia and the education system valued differently than in Sweden. Lovely evening with great ingredients. What a start! The energy was a bit […]

The Begining of The End

 | Sunshine in the city | DAY 2 MADRID. What a town! After a third visit here, I´m liking it more and more. The warm welcome feeling, nice people – this time great weather and remembering more and more streets for the walking freedom. Looking at the video you will have a glimpse over what […]

The Begining

| Taking one more step to inner peace |  DAY 1 MADRID The bags are filled to breaking point. My appartment is soon going to get a new tenant for a month. I´m ready. Ready to explore. With the intention of seeing what the journey will bring. Being open. For new meetings, new culture, new […]